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Welcome to the Last Legacy Wiki.

Last Legacy Logo

Current Games

Last Legacy: Chapter 1

The first game set in the LL Universe.

Last Legacy: Null Space

Direct sequel to Last Legacy: Chapter 1

Custom Levels

Level Designer

The tool used to create custom levels

Level Portal

Further Reading

LL Universe

Further information about the setting of the Last Legacy series


Important Characters

For Devs


Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.


When taking screenshots, try keeping them in the default 640x480 resolution and removing the HUD.

In Null Space, you can remove the HUD by pressing the '\' key.

What needs to be done

  • Finish every level page in Last Legacy: Chapter 1
  • Create a guide for Chapter 1 enemies
  • Create a page for every level in Last Legacy: Null Space
    • Write down what you can find in every chest
      Add a tri-coin guide with pictures to every level page
  • Create a guide for Null Space enemies
    • Write down their item drops
  • Create a page for every item in Items in Null Space
    • For each item:
      • Show stats
      • How they upgrade
      • Buy/Sell value
      • Which enemies drop this item
      • Which levels you can find this item in
  • Create a section for Level Designer
    • Overview page
      • Describe features
      • Keyboard shortcuts
      Guide for beginners
      Create the Triggers Guide
    • How to use the portal