Items in Null Space

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Name Type Power MP Cost Other Stats
Basic Scimitar Melee 7 N/A N/A
Basic Halberd Melee 4 N/A Knockback+1
Throwing Axe Ranged 6 20 N/A
Flame Sword Melee 11 N/A N/A
Amethyst Blade Melee 13 N/A N/A
Elf Sword Melee 13 N/A M. Atk+1, Knockback+2, MP+50
Masamune Melee 20 N/A Knockback+1, MP+10, Resist+1, Speed+1
Wooden Staff Magic 4 15 N/A
Crimson Staff Magic 6 25 N/A
Spark Staff Magic 5 20 N/A
Thorn Staff Magic 7 20 N/A
Sapphire Scepter Magic 9 50 N/A
Amethyst Staff Magic 12 50 Knockback+1, MP+15
Lightning Rod Magic 14 30 N/A
Handcuffs N/A N/A N/A P. Atk+1, Kick+5, Knockback+2, Speed+1


Name Effect
Full Iron Armor M. Atk-2, Kick+1, HP+2, Resist+5, Speed-1
Golden Apple HP+1, MP+5
Cyan Shield HP+1, Resist+2
Horn P. Atk+2, Knockback+1
Mystic Claw P. Atk+6, M. Atk-2, Kick+4, Knockback+4
Silver Ring MP+25
Gold Ring MP+50
Brown Book M. Atk+1, MP+15
Book of Battle M. Atk+3, MP+15
Brown Book M. Atk+1, MP+15
Book of Winds M. Atk+2, Knockback+1, MP+15, Resist+1, Speed+1
Damage Amulet P. Atk+3, M. Atk+1, Kick+2, Knockback+1
Cursed Amulet P. Atk+7, M. Atk+5, Kick+5, Knockback+4, HP-1


Name Effect
Wizard Slippers M. Atk+1, Kick+1, MP+20
Iron Boots Kick+3, Resist+6
Spiked Boots Kick+6, Speed-1
Running Shoes Speed+3, Jump+1
Winged Boots Kick+1, Speed+2, Jump+3