Last Legacy: Chapter 1

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CH1 Preview.png
Last Legacy: Chapter 1
Released January 2011 (Beta)
Last Updated August 21, 2013 (RC1)


Released for free in flash player summer 2013, Last Legacy: Chapter 1 is the first game released in the series. The game introduces the concept of delta, the magical terraforming ability which alters the very ground and air around you. The world is overtaken by otherworldly shadow creatures and you're on a quest to find the source and stop it.

Last Legacy: Chapter 1 is currently being reconstructed using the Legacy Engine. A similar story will appear in the remake games.


The protagonist is a locally known hero who can use magic to add or remove matter around him. His mission is to fight off the recently appearing shadow creatures that are terrorizing the land.


  1. The Seaside Village: Valtameri
  2. Tech Oasis in the Desert: Aavikko Oasis
  3. Mechanical Fortress: Fort Syzygy
  4. Forest of Wavering Dimension: Syzygy Forest
  5. Mount Zeugma
  6. Zeugma Shrine


Last Legacy was started mostly as the result of encouragement from the community brought up on SM63, where the Runouw brothers decided to make something that they COULD earn a living on. It was in development for a long time, with hints for more than a year leading up to the Beta release in January 2011. After much playtesting, and several updates, RC1 was submitted to Newgrounds in August 2013. Despite plenty of positive feedback, the Last legacy LD scene didn't seem to really pick up until the release of Chapter 2.

In Runouw's words (around the time of Chapter 1's release):

"Currently in beta, this project was started after we got the idea to make a game where you can modify the environment around you during gameplay. The main character has the ability to either create or remove nearby ground in order to solve puzzles. This game will have a full-featured level designer that can create levels with intricate designs strewn with enemies, traps, gravity-altering puzzles, and even planets. In the storyline, the main character travels through a series of levels that challenge the player's combat, platforming, and puzzle solving abilities."