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Valtameri is the first level in Last Legacy: Chapter 1. It's a small town along the west coast of the World Map.

CH1 Map1.png

Valtameri is the start of the Hero's quest to defeat the shadow monsters. It begins in the seaside village itself, and quickly moves into the hills, valleys, and cave areas. The middle section of the level is the Old Man's Mansion, which teaches the player about the basics of using delta.

Large Triangle Locations

Tri-Coin #1

CH1 TRI1 1.png

Tri-Coin #2

CH1 TRI1 2.png

Tri-Coin #3

CH1 TRI1 3.png

Hidden Journals

There are three hidden journals in this level.

Excerpt from Introduction to Delta - 5th Edition

Discovery of Delta

The mysterious energy, Delta, has actually been discovered twice. First by the Legendary Hero in the year 0, then again 5 years after his death by his disciples.The nature of the two Deltas differs greatly. The power used by the Legendary Hero, known to scholars as Primal Delta had the power to create and dissipate energy and matter. Modern Delta however is only able to manipulate energy. It should be noted that in recent years, a resident of Valtemeri is able to use a special strain of delta similar to Primal Delta. This fact alone causes researchers to speculate that there is indeed no difference between both types of Delta.

Excerpt from Introduction to Delta 7th Edition

Delta: The Magical Energy
Much of the potential power of Delta remains unknown to us as of now. Some say it is a multi-dimensional flux while others say it is a physical particle. However, within the past century, major discoveries in applications of Delta have shaken the industrial capacity of the land and spurred on an energy revolution.

Excerpt from An Excursion of Modern Events

However, Valtameri is safe due to the heroics of it's local army. Recently the land has been ravished by unknown shadow-like monsters. (Player's Name), a local hero, is widely known for leading Valtameri's defensive attack against the shadow creatures.