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About the Editor

A content creation editor is bundled with the Legacy Engine.


The editor supports shortcuts for all features for rapid creation. The following are the supported shortcuts:

  • WASD move camera. Hold shift to increase speed
  • When an item is selected:
    • Arrow Keys: move item 1 pixel
      • Shift: 8px, Ctrl: 32px
    • Shift < mirror, Shift > flip vertically
    • [ and ] rotate 1 degrees
      • Shift: 5 degrees, Ctrl: 45 degrees
    • = and - for scaling larger and smaller. Currently by 101% or 99.01%
      • Shift: 125% or 80%, Ctrl: 200% or 50%
    • Ctrl I, Ctrl K: switch Item to next layer
    • Shift I, Shift K: bring to front/back within layer
    • Shift Q: quantize/round to nearest pixel
    • Ctrl Q: quantize to nearest 8px grid
    • V: open item properties window
  • Hold Ctrl when dragging to lock to 8px grid relative to it’s starting x/y. Quantize to change grid.
  • Hold Shift when placing item to place multiple in a row
  • 1-9 to switch layers (note: layers 8,9 are not used yet)
    • Control: Lock Layer
    • Shift: Hide all but that layer
    • Control + Shift: Lock all but that layer
    • Note: pressing 1-7 to visit every layer will unlock and show all layers
  • When placing tiles, Right Click is the eraser