Size 475 X 260
Version: 0.5
Submitted: 2015-02-08
Last edited: 2015-08-23
Part 2 of 5 in Epic Forest Level Series
Challenge 1/8. Explore, discover, compete! [It is highly recommended you use Null Space: Release Candidate 3 to play this.]

Time to get your game on! Take on the eight different Challenges and collect Clover Points for neat little prizes, which get better the higher you rank! Try and go for the elusive Condor, or maybe you'll score an awesome Albatross! Eagles are impressive, but Birdies are common. If you can make Par, you'll most definitely score some Clover Points. Just avoid getting a Bogey, especially a Double Bogey. Try out the 3 levels of each Challenge, each with a unique Bonus Condition that, when fulfilled, will reward you with Squares. There are even 3 different difficulty modes to test yourself with, or to help you out. So much fun. :3 \!/ NOTE: If you want the correct font to be displayed in the Challenge's HUD, you'll have to download/install the following to your computer: AR CHRISTY. \!/ *****It is 7:30am at Clovervest Town***** (You're just in time!)

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