Last Legacy

Last Legacy is a side-scrolling, platformer-puzzle game series for PC currently with 2 installments. You play as an adventurer with a magical terraforming ability where you can manipulate the environment around you as you explore new areas, battle enemies, and discover secrets.

Check out the level portal to see the amazing levels that users have created.

Last Legacy 3

The third game in the series, currently in development, is targeted towards Steam, and is now in the early stages of development. It is planned to incorporate many platforming and puzzle elements proved successful in the first 2 games, along with tons of brand new elements and an open overworld. Check out the page on the forums for more detailed updates.

Last Legacy: Null Space

Released for free in flash player summer 2014, Last Legacy: Null Space is the 2nd game under the Last Legacy series. Your character falls into a wormhole and finds himself in a mysterious universe called the Null Space, and visits 15 alternate dimensions on his way to get back to his own dimension. This game introduces upgradeable equipment and offers an optional hard version of each level.

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Last Legacy: Chapter 1

Released for free in flash player summer 2013, Last Legacy: Chapter 1 is the first game released in the series. The game introduces the concept of delta, the magical terraforming ability which alters the very ground and air around you. The world is overtaken by otherworldy shadow creatures and your on a quest to find the source and stop it.

Play Last Legacy: Chapter 1

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