Complete ID list for everything

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Complete ID list for everything

Postby AwesomeJRFD » Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:36 am

So I heard you like ID lists :3. I decided to made a list of IDs as a reference. This includes the hidden items and storyline items, so don't look if you don't want spoilers. I may add pictures for some stuff eventually.

Use ctrl+f (cmd+f on a Mac) to find the specific ID you are looking for.


Replace {ID} with the desired item's ID (put an "x" in front of an item's ID to disable it), and paste this code into the level:
Code: Select all

IDItemDescription (if necessary)
0Start Position
1Respawn Position
2End Portal
3Gravity Zone
4Color Box
5Push Switch
6Invisible Hitbox
7Basic Platform
12End Wormhole
13Delta Negate Zone
14Item #14Unused.
15Left-Right Splitter
16Up-Down Splitter
17-18Item #NUnused.
19Rolling Ball
20Weight-Activated SwitchSwitch from v.3 preview image. Doesn't do anything; just a sprite.
21Item #21Unused.
22Rolling Delta Orb
23Rolling Delta Negate Orb
24Delta Orb
25Delta Negate Orb
26Delta Orb Frame (nonfunctional)
28-29Item #NUnused.
30Wooden Sign (readable)
31Small Wooden Sign (readable)
32Hanging Sign (readable)
33Engraved Stone Tablet
34Openable Treasure Chest
35Electric Switch
36Lever Switch
37-39Item #NUnused.
410-0-0Placeholder for other kinds of coins Runouw might make in the future.
4290-90-Placeholder for other kinds of coins Runouw might make in the future.
43Item #43Unused.
44Super Square
45Small Heart
46Large Heart
47Super Heart!Unused.
48Locked Item CageLooks like a circular object with a lock, which opens on a continuous loop. Maybe will be able to be unlocked with triggers? Doesn't do anything; just a sprite.
49Collectable KeyIs a key. Maybe will have onCollect function in the future? Doesn't do anything; just a sprite.
50Enemy Crab
51Large Enemy CrabDoesn't do anything; just a sprite.
52EnemyLooks like a blueish bulb thing. Doesn't do anything; just a sprite.
53-54Item #NUnused.
55Enemy Mushroom
56-57Item #NUnused.
58Enemy Wolf
59Item #59Unused.
60Enemy Fire Mage
61Enemy Electric Mage
62Enemy ??? MageGreen mage that shoots bouncing thorn rings.
63Enemy Ice Mage
64Enemy Dark Mage
65Enemy Dark Beast
66Enemy Specter
67Enemy Specter AWhite
68Enemy Specter BGreen
69Enemy Specter CRed
70Enemy Specter DBlack
71Enemy Knight
72Enemy Powerful Knight
73Enemy Really Powerful Knight
75-78Item #NUnused.
81-82Item #NUnused.
83FishDoesn't do anything; just a sprite.
84BirdDoesn't do anything; just a sprite.
85DragonflyDoesn't do anything; just a sprite.
86-89Item #NUnused.
91NPC - Old
92-100Item #NUnused.
101Leafy Tree - Short
102Leafy Tree - Medium
103Leafy Tree - Tall
104Autumn Tree - Baby
105Autumn Tree - Split
106Autumn Tree - Normal
107Autumn Tree - Tall #1
108Autumn Tree - Tall #2
109Leaf-less Tree - Baby #1
110Leaf-less Tree - Baby #2
111Leaf-less Tree - Normal
112Leaf-less Tree - Tall #1
113Leaf-less Tree - Tall #2
114Bush - Small
115Bush - Normal
116Bush - Large
117Old Tree #1
118Old Tree #2
119Big Tree
120Palm Tree Top #1
121Palm Tree Top #2
122Palm Tree Top #3
123Palm Tree Bark #1
124Palm Tree Bark #2
125Palm Tree Bark #3
126Golden Tree #1
127Golden Tree #2
128Cherry Blossom Tree #1
129Cherry Blossom Tree #2
130Cedrus Libani Tree
131Pine Tree
132Cedrus Libani Tree (Small)
133Pine Tree 2
134Snowy Pine Tree
135Snowy Autumn Tree
136Snowy Cedrus Libani Tree
137Snowy Cedrus Libani Tree 2
138Snowy Branch - end
139Cactus 1
140Cactus 2
141-143Item #NUnused.
144Flower - Scarlet Pimpernel # 2
145Flower - Lavender
146Flower - Yellow/Lavender
147Flower - Rose #1
148Flower - Storks Bill
149Flower - Calla Lily
150Flower - Scarlet Pimpernel # 1
151Flower - Rose #2
152-156Item #NUnused.
157Grass Patch #1
158Grass Patch #2
160-162Item #NUnused.
163Blue Mushroom - Tiny
164Blue Mushroom - Normal
165Blue Mushroom - Large
166Spore Plant #1
167Spore Plant #2
168Spore Plant #3
169-173Item #NUnused.
174Vine - End #1
175Vine - End #2
176Vine - Repeat
177Vine - Curve
178Vine - Wiggle #1
179Vine - Wiggle #2
180Vine - Large Curve
181Vine - Slit
182-184Item #NUnused.
185Branch w/ Leaf - Repeat #1
186Branch w/ Leaf - Repeat #2
187Branch w/ Leaf - Repeat #3
188Branch w/ Leaf - End
189Branch - Repeat
190Branch - End
191Branch - Curve #1
192Branch - Curve #2
193Branch - Split
194Twisted Branch - Repeat
195Twisted Branch - Curve
196Twisted Branch - Top
197-200Item #NUnused.
201Silver Burch - Bottom
202Silver Burch - Large Trunk
203Silver Burch - Trunk
204Silver Burch - Large Repeat
205Silver Burch - Repeat
206Silver Burch - Small Repeat
207Silver Burch - End #1
208Silver Burch - End #2
209Silver Burch - End #3
210Silver Burch - End #4
211Silver Burch - End #5
212Silver Burch - Branch #1
213Silver Burch - Split
214Silver Burch - Branch #2
215-229Item #NUnused.
230Dirt Blemish #1
231Dirt Blemish #2
232Dirt Blemish #3
233Item #233Unused.
234Dirt Blemish #4
235-249Item #NUnused.
250Rock 1
251Rock 2
252Rock 3
253Rock 4
254Rock 5
255Rock 6
256Rock 7
257Rock 8
258Rock 9WARNING: Causes Flash to crash if you try to load it in a level.
259Rock 10
260Rock 11
261-262Item #NUnused.
263Rock 12
264-269Item #NUnused.
270Wooden Spikes
271Rusty Spikes
272Iron Spikes
273-284Item #NUnused.
285Stone Pole - Base
286Stone Pole - Repeat
287Stone Pole - Top
288-289Item #NUnused.
290Flag - Fleur-de-lis
291Flag - Martlet
292Flag - Lambel-de-Trois
293Flag - Quatrefoil
294Flag - Annulet
295Flag - Moline
296Flag - Crescent
297Flag - Pierced Mullet
298Flag - Rose
299-300Item #NUnused
301Railing A - Repeat
302Railing B
303Railing C
304Railing A - Middle
305Railing A - Left
306Railing A - Right
307Railing - Diagonal #1
308Railing - Diagonal #2
309Stone Railing - Repeat
310Stone Railing - Small
311Stone Railing - End
312Grey Stone Pillar - Arch
313Grey Stone Pillar - Repeat
314Grey Stone Pillar - Base
315Grey Stone Pillar - Top
316Grey Stone Window
317Grey Stone Window (translucent)
318Small Stone Window
319Small Stone Window (translucent)
319-324Item #NUnused.
325Chain Link
326-330Item #NUnused.
331Wooden Dresser
332Wooden Table #1
333Wooden Table #2
334Stone Pedestal
336Brick Fireplace
337Invisible Light Source (only works in darkness)
338-339Item #NUnused.
340Dark Brick Window
341Dark Brick Window (translucent)
342Empty Bookcase
343Bookcase #1
344Bookcase #2
345Bookcase #3
346Bookcase #4
347-350Item #NUnused.
351Dungeon Pillar Base
352Dungeon Pillar Repeat
353Dungeon Pillar Top
354Dungeon Window
355Dungeon Window (translucent)
357-359Item #NUnused.
360Emblem - 1
361Emblem - 2
362Emblem - 3
363Emblem - Empty
364-400Item #NUnused.
401Log Cabin Snow Top Left
402Log Cabin Snow Top Repeat
403Log Cabin Snow Top Right
404Log Cabin Snow Top Slope Up #1
405Log Cabin Snow Top Slope Up #2
406Log Cabin Snow Top Slope Up End Right
407Log Cabin Snow Top Slope Up End Left
408Log Cabin Snow Top Corner
409-411Item #NUnused.
412Icicle #1
413Icicle #2
414Icicle #3
415Icicle Repeat
416-425Item #NUnused.
426Log Cabin Window - Small
427Log Cabin Window - Large
428Wooden Fence Post
429Wooden Fence Post End
430-599Item #NUnused.
600Arrow - Sign Post
601Arrow - Stone
602Arrow - Dungeon Brick
603Arrow - Greyish
604Arrow - Wooden
605Arrow - Gold
606Arrow - Blue
607-614Item #NUnused.
615LD only reference marker
616-776Item #NUnused.
777Item logo!
778-900Item #NUnused.
901Shadow - Radial
902Shadow - Linear
903Shadow - Quarter Radial
904Shadow - Quarter Inverse Radial
905Shadow - Inverse Radial
906Shadow - Solid
907Shadow - Skew 1
908Shadow - Skew 2
909Shadow - Circle
910Shadow - Circle Outline
911Shadow - Dotted Circle Outline 1
912Shadow - Dotted Circle Outline 2
913Shadow - Circle - Half
914Shadow - Circle - Quarter
915Shadow - Circle - Eighth
916Fading Line
917-984Item #NUnused.
985TXTStatic text: "Credits: "
986TXTStatic text: "Main Programming: Robert Hewitt"
987TXTStatic text: "Artwork/Graphics: Steven Hewitt"
988TXTStatic text: "Music/Audio: Steven Hewitt"
989TXTStatic text: "General Programming: Robert Hewitt, Steven Hewitt"
990TXTStatic text: "To Be Continued"
991-993Item #NUnused.
994- Delta Phantom Boss -Final Boss of Chapter 1. Use the "Activate" trigger function to cause it to spawn. Level is won when it is killed.
995- Void Delta Orb -Giant purple Delta Orb from final boss fight of Chapter 1. Doesn't do anything; just a sprite.
996- Extraction Machine -Small metal orb from final boss fight of Chapter 1. Absorbs white delta spheres from bottom right (Void Delta Orb). Doesn't do anything; just a sprite.
997- Boss -Final Boss of Null Space


Replace {ID} with the desired tile's ID (the "1,1" are the x and y sizes of the area you want to be filled with the tile), and paste this code into the level:
Code: Select all

IDTileDescription (if necessary)
.Blank Tile
aaGrass Full Tile
abGrass Up Slope
acGrass Down Slope
adGrass Half Tile
aeDirt Full Tile
afDirt Up Slope
agDirt Down Slope
ahDirt Half Tile
aiSand Full Tile
ajSand Up Slope
akSand Down Slope
alSand Half Tile
amCave Full Tile
anCave Up Slope
aoCave Down Slope
apCave Half Tile
aqSnow Full Tile
arSnow Up Slope
asSnow Down Slope
atSnow Half Tile
auMountain Full Tile
avMountain Up Slope
awMountain Down Slope
axMountain Half Tile
ayCabin Full Tile
azCabin Up Slope
aACabin Down Slope
aBMetal Full Tile
aCMetal Up Slope
aDMetal Down Slope
aEIce Full Tile
aFIce Up Slope
aGIce Down Slope
aH-aZTile # NUnused.
ba-bzTile # NUnused.
bA-bUTile # NUnused.
bVTile # 100Legacy lava tile. Doesn't do anything; Just a sprite.
bWTile # 101Black Outline. Doesn't do anything; Just a sprite.
bXTile # 102Castle Tile
bYTile # 103Castle Half-Tile
bZTile # 104Castle Upper Up Slope
caTile # 105Castle Upper Down Slope
cbTile # 106Castle Lower Up Slope
ccTile # 107Castle Lower Down Slope
cdTile # 108Castle Top Tile
ceTile # 109Unused.
cfTile # 110Castle Wall Full Tile
cgTile # 111Castle Wall Half Tile
chTile # 112Castle Wall Upside Down Half Tile
ciTile # 113Castle Wall Down Stairs
cjTile # 114Castle Wall Up Stairs
ckTile # 115Castle Wall Down Slope
clTile # 116Castle Wall Up Slope
cmTile # 117Castle Wall Upper Down Slope
cnTile # 118Castle Wall Upper Up Slope
coTile # 119Castle Wall Lower Down Slope
cpTile # 120Castle Wall Lower Up Slope
cqTile # 121Castle Wall Upside Down Down Slope
crTile # 122Castle Wall Upside Down Up Slope
csTile # 123Castle Wall Upside Down Upper Down Slope
ctTile # 124Castle Wall Upside Down Upper Up Slope
cuTile # 125Castle Wall Upside Down Lower Down Slope
cvTile # 126Castle Wall Upside Down Lower Up Slope
cwTile # 127Castle Wall Up Convex Curve
cxTile # 128Castle Wall Down Convex Curve
cyTile # 129Castle Wall Upside Down Up Convex Curve
czTile # 130Castle Wall Upside Down Down Convex Curve
cATile # 131Castle Wall Upside Down Down Concave Curve
cBTile # 132Castle Wall Upside Down Up Concave Curve
cCTile # 133Castle Wall Down Concave Curve
cDTile # 134Castle Wall Up Concave Curve
cE-cTTile # NUnused.
cUTile # 151Castle Background Tile
cVTile # 152Castle Background Window Top Left
cWTile # 153Castle Background Window Top
cXTile # 154Castle Background Window Top Right
cYTile # 155Castle Background Window Left
cZTile # 156Castle Background Window
daTile # 157Castle Background Window Right
dbTile # 158Castle Background Window Bottom Left
dcTile # 159Castle Background Window Bottom
ddTile # 160Castle Background Window Bottom Right
deTile # 161Castle Background Railing Left
dfTile # 162Castle Background Railing
dgTile # 163Castle Background Railing Right
dhTile # 164Castle Background Pillar Base
diTile # 165Castle Background Pillar
dj-dzTile # NUnused.
dA-dZTile # NUnused.
ea-ezTile # NUnused.
eA-eITile # NUnused.
eJTile # 244Dark Block Left
eKTile # 245Dark Block
eLTile # 246Dark Block Down Slope
eMTile # 247Dark Block Up Slope
eNTile # 248Dark Block Upside Down Up Slope
eOTile # 249Dark Block Upside Down Down Slope
ePTile # 250Dungeon Tile
eQTile # 251Dungeon Tile with Border
eRTile # 252Dungeon Tile with Border Down Slope
eSTile # 253Dungeon Tile with Border Up Slope
eTTile # 254Dungeon Tile with Border Upside Down Up Slope
eUTile # 255Dungeon Tile with Border Upside Down Down Slope
eVTile # 256Brick Tile
eWTile # 257Brick Tile with Border
eXTile # 258Brick Tile with Border Down Slope
eYTile # 259Brick Tile with Border Up Slope
eZTile # 260Brick Tile with Border Upside Down Up Slope
faTile # 261Brick Tile with Border Upside Down Down Slope
fb-fzTile # NUnused.
fA-fMTile # NUnused.
fOTile # 301Dungeon Background Tile
fP-fZTile # NUnused.
ga-gzTile # NUnused.
gA-gKTile # NUnused.
gLTile # 350Castle Brick
gMTile # 351Castle Brick Window
gNTile # 352Castle Brick Shadow
gOTile # 353Castle Brick Large
gPTile # 354Castle Brick Top
gQTile # 355Castle Brick Top without Border
gR-gZTile # NUnused.

For some reason, all the tiles on page 2 of the designer don't have in-game names, so I put their names in the "description" column.


1Basic Scimitar
2Basic Halberd
3Throwing Axe
4Flame Sword
5Amethyst Blade
6Elf Sword
9Wooden Staff
10Crimson Staff
11Amethyst Staff
12Thorn Ring
13Sapphire Scepter
14Amythest Staff
15Lightning Rod
16Frozen Tome
25Full Iron Armor
26Golden Apple
27Cyan Shield
29Mystic Claw
30Silver Ring
31Gold Ring
37Brown Book
38Book of Battle
39Book of Winds
40Damage Amulet
41Cursed Amulet
47Wizard Slippers
48Iron Boots
49Spiked Boots
50Running Shoes
51Winged Boots


For the "Play Sound" trigger function.

(Table auto-generated from game source code)
IDSound Effect
0First Jump
1Double Jump
2Roll Attack
3Ledge Jump
4Falling Wind
5Footstep 1
6Footstep 2
7Footstep Grass_1
8Footstep Grass_2
9Tri 1
10Tri 2
11Tri 3
12Tri 4
13Tri 5
14Hero Land
15Hero Slide
16Near Portal
17Use Delta
18Crab Footstep_1
19Crab Footstep_2
20Crab Flip_over
21Crab Defeat_1
22Crab Defeat_2
32Crab Die
23Knight Step_1
24Knight Step_2
33Knight Hit_1
34Knight Hit_2
35Knight Hit_3
25Thunder Weak
26Thunder Medium
27Thunder Strong
28Whoosh 9
29Whoosh 10
30Whoosh 11
31Whoosh 12
36Heart Small
37Heart Large
38Hurt 17
39Hurt 18
40Hurt 19
41Hurt 20
42Hurt 21
43Respawn Point
44Portal Warp
45Win Jingle
46Machine Grind
47Delta Orb_1
48Large Coin
49Click 1
50Magical Woosh
51Magical Woosh_2
52Eagle Kick
53Rock Hit2
54Rock Hit3
55Rock Dies
57Darkpower Ambience
58Darkpower Hurt_1
59Darkpower Attack_3
60Explode 1
63Explode 2
61Darkpower Hurt_2
62Turret Launch
64Darksound 3
65Turret Launch2
66Turret Launch3
67Turret Launch4
68Darksound 5
69Darksound 8
70Mush 1
71Mush 2
72Mush 3
73Darksound 9_charge
74Darksound 10_explode
75Mage Fireball_charge
76Mage Fireball_launch
77Equip Equipment
78Menu No
79Delta Succeeded
80Lever Click
81Dark Chargeattack
82Ice Freeze_1

Screen Text:

You can change the background color on signs in the "Screen Text" trigger function.

0No BG
1Brown wood
3Purple grey wood
4Silver wood
5Purple wood
6Red wood
7Yellow orange wood
8Very dark red brown wood
9Blue ice
10Bright blue ice
11Green wood
12Color negative brown wood

Subtitle Text:

You can change the position of subtitle text in the "Subtitle Text On" trigger function.

1Bottom left
2Bottom right
3Top center


For direct code editing.

IDMusic Title
0No Song
1Adventure Theme
2Void Meadow
5Desert Castle
6Boss Battle
9Final Break
10Icy Dungeon
11Marcia Minor
12Desert Theme
13Techno Cave
14Twisted Polka
15Winter Theme
16Smooth Jazz
17In a Spirit's Presence
18Sanctuary Echo - A capella
19Sanctuary Echo - Orchestra
20Inspirational Rock
21Dark March
22Ambient Wind SFX Loop
23Final Theme
24Town Theme - Valtameri
26Overworld - Piano
27Gflat March
28Floating Digital Clouds

Far Background:

For direct code editing.

0Solid black
1Green hills
4Blue sky
5Sunset sky
7Desert with rocks
9Blue clouds
10Red clouds
11Cave arch
12Black gradient
13Red gradient
14Grey gradient
15Blue gradient
16Forest gradient
17Dark mist
18Blue brick
20Sea day
21Space 1
22Space 2

Close Background:

For direct code editing.

1Grass plains
2Grass hills
3Ice hills
4Grey hills
5Green tinted hills
6Red tinted hills
8Cave 1
9Cave 2
10Cave 3
12Castle 1
13Castle 2
14Castle 3
15Mount Zeguma Shrine

Anything I missed? Please tell me!
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Re: Complete ID list for everything

Postby FrozenFire » Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:26 pm

I just noticed that, in the Equipment section, the item 12 should be "Thorn Staff" instead of "Thorn Ring". It's not important, though. I just wanted to say.
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Re: Complete ID list for everything

Postby tarnrazar » Thu May 14, 2015 9:50 pm

Do you know how to make the Chapter 2 boss to work? I want a custom "Castle Hall" arena fight with him but... whenever he appears he doesn't really... move...

Edit: NEVERMIND FOUND IT! Just had to "activate" him twice

Is there a way to just... get a sprite of said Boss and not the full... Him?
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Re: Complete ID list for everything

Postby Triple J » Tue Jul 07, 2015 7:39 pm

Has anybody considered updating this for Release Candidate 3?

I don't feel like going through everything in a level code right now.
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Re: Complete ID list for everything

Postby -BY » Tue Jul 07, 2015 8:19 pm

It's planned to get the updated ID list, among other things straight into the site's wiki.
If I'm not mistaken, I'd think to remember that barrel, vase, house objects got ~440 - 460 IDs, while the new plants are somewhere around ~220. I mean I could always update this list as I don't think that other items got major ID changes.
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Re: Complete ID list for everything

Postby John » Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:23 am

In LD, some musics are removed (Most of them are from Chapter 1). When will they come back or they will removed forever?

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