Lack of Motivation

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Lack of Motivation

Postby Niicola » Sun Jun 21, 2015 12:32 am

You are a Last Legacy Level Designer. You like the game and love spending time expressing your creativity through it. But sometimes, while working on a level, you feel like you've had enough.

This is the topic you needed :D
You're in the middle of something big but just don't feel the envy to continue it? Post what you did instead of destroying a possible masterpiece! Maybe it will give you a chance to finish it in the future.

Something's getting on your nerves? Come talk about it ;)

You've got some projects, but no time? Tell us! It could be interesting. It will prevent you from forgetting.

You give advice? We take :)

I create this topic because I know what is it to be a level designer. Coming with new ideas along with a good story and good graphics, making your level original, all that can be exhausting.
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