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A Warm Welcome

Postby FrozenFire » Wed Sep 30, 2015 11:50 pm


I decided to make this topic so any new (or maybe old) members are able to know a little bit more of the forums and feel welcome. So, I welcome you, new or not-so-new member, who is reading this in advance, to know what to find and where to find useful things to get your promising LL "career" started.



The first thing you want to do is to create a Welcome topic, if you haven't yet (in case you don't know how to, you can do it by pressing the New Topic button). What are you waiting for? Do it now, so people can get to know you and you get to know them!

Here we are a really helpful community. Most of the members are from Runouw.com (which is also a cool community to be on, so feel free to check). If you need any help for anything, feel free to ask the Global Mods or the Level Mods, or maybe even the Admins, by giving them a PM (private message). Or just take a look at the FAQ, you will probably find what you are searching for there.

The entire site is based off Last Legacy (LL, for short), a game made by Runouw and his Dev team. Everything here is related to it. If you want to talk about the other games made by Runouw, then visit Runouw.com.



If you want to get started with the LL Level Designer, feel free to check this place. It has a lot of useful links and tutorials on how to do everything. If you want people to see what are you progressing on currently, take a look at this, or this Here, you can receive and give feedback to users. And feedback is always a good thing, right?

Are you finished with your level and want to publish it so everyone can see it and appreciate the wonderful piece of art you made? Do it right here. You can upload screenshots, add tags, and even thank other people if they gave you feedback to make your level better.

You can also check other people's creations in the Portal. You can give them a rating (the rating system is based on stars; 5 stars is really good, while 1 star is really bad, and so on), and a difficulty. If you really really really really like some level, you can claim them as your favorite, by pressing the little pink "Add to favorites" button. If you find something really wrong with it, however, press the "Report level" button. The staff will take care of it as soon as possible.



Wanna check out more cool stuff? Here are some links:

  • User Creations and Trigger Creations: These are places where people post things that are way too cool to be on the portal, like Level Series or Trigger Contraptions (learn about Triggers here). Make sure to check it all out!
  • Competitions: Do you want to test your skills and compete against other users? Well that's the perfect place! You can join a Level Designer Contest (when it happens) and show who's the boss! Read the Rules though.
  • Bug Reports: Found some strange glitch/bug while creating your level? Post it here so the Dev team and other users are aware of it. But first, check if your bug has already been listed.
  • Updates: Here, the Staff posts news about the upcoming LL games. Feel free to check them out and give the Developers some love. ;)
  • Things That You Want To Say: Do you feel like talking about something that is totally unrelated to LL? Do it here.




Now, what I'm going to say is really important. Here, we are respectful and nice to each other. So, do not flame, harass, or be extremely rude to anyone, otherwise the Staff will take action. Make sure to read the FAQ, and if you really have something to ask, send a PM to any of the Staff, like I said above.

Do not spam, or post spam levels. Both are not allowed, and the Staff will delete the spam posts/levels in case someone manages to disobey.

If you see a level or a post that is offensive/spam/has something really wrong with it, press the shiny "!" Report button. Do not backseat moderate (act like you are staff and constantly judge another users). It is the Staff's job to take action if something wrong happens, and we don't need anyone else to do it for us.

And remember the Supreme Golden Rule of the Internet: Be always respectful and kind to everyone.



I'd like to thank some people for helping me create this:

First of all, thanks to Supershroom and AwesomeJRFD for creating the Tutorial topics. They are really helpful, and you guys too.

Thanks to Niicola and Triple J for creating the "Coming Soon Levels/Projects" and the "Your levels, their feedback" topics, respectively.

Thanks to -OJ for creating the "Things that you want to say" topic.

And finally, thanks to Runouw and the entire Staff team for making this place a thing. ;)

That's it for now. Have a nice stay on the forums, and welcome! :D

~FrozenFire, Level Moderator
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Re: A Warm Welcome

Postby Supershroom » Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:20 am

This is just awesomely written, sir. Especially being credited feels awesome.
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Re: A Warm Welcome

Postby Niicola » Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:57 pm

[+1 Imaginary Thumb up] Seriously, this is awesome :)
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