Moar Triggerz

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Moar Triggerz

Postby bowser2007 » Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:12 am

Just thought I'd make a list of a few triggers I thought I'd like to be included (and some additional things I'd like existing triggers to be able to do). Many of these have already been suggested by various other people, but I decided to list them again here anyway. It'd also be cool (pretty sure this has already been suggested) if you could fill in any blank space with a variable, even outside of the triggers tab in items.


Sleep/Sleep until on ground/Sleep until... (Edit):
All combined into a single sleep function, with the ability to change to whichever one is needed. Added separate box that wakes the thread after any path of a platform/planet/box after it has finished, and the ability to swap between once path is finished travelling in one direction and once object returns to original position.

Do With:
Do two (or more) functions at once from a single thread even if they normally pause it until it's finished. Indents code. Can be set to move on immediately, or to only move on if a set number of indented functions are complete.


Probably already going to be added anyway.

Same with this one.

Random Number Between:
And this one.

(Insert more maths related functions here):
And these.

GAME (Camera related functions removed and placed in a new category):

Gravity (Edit):
Gravity Strength now actually does something.

Set Character Stats:
Character only. Used for less experienced players to change the character's HP, MP, Speed, Resistance, Knockback, Squares, etc. Can also be done through variables. -1 used to indicate no change.

Set Character Appearance:
Used to change the character and/or it's colour and size. Can be used to make it appear as though the character is holding a weapon that it's not.

Stop Sound:
Can be set to either stop a specific sound effect , or to stop all sound effects. Can also be used to stop sound effects that occur automatically (eg. stopping the noise made when a square is collected).

Handles stuff like shops and equipment changes.

Set Item Value:
Sets the standard shop value of one or more items game-wide.

Opens a shop GUI. The designer can control the items sold and their cost relative to the global value of each individual item (eg. value of a flame sword is 1000 squares. Shop reduces price by 50%, making the final price 500 squares). The usual defaults are also available.

Opens the enchanter GUI. Can change the maximum levels he/she can enchant to and the relative price of the enchantments (cannot be done to individual items).

Change Character Equipment:
Changes any number of pieces of equipment the character has on. Can also prevent the player from changing his/her equipment. Requires the player to already own the piece of equipment to work.

Give/Remove Character Equiptment:
Gives or removes character equipment. Unlike "Create Item Drop", the equipment goes directly to the players inventory and does not show any indication of change. The designer can choose to create/destroy all of a set piece of equipment or one one copy of it.

Everything that effects the entire screen goes here (except for weather related stuff).

All existing camera stuff (Edit:
Added here

Darkness (Edit):
Moved here too.

Basically tints the entire screen to a colour of your choice. Can change stuff like darkness and duration (infinite checkbox for duration) and tint speed. Useful for making a "fade to black" effect in cut-scenes.

Shape Transition:
Remember that annoying star transition from the 80s? Now we can do it here too! Select the shape, fade speed, colour, duration and location fading toward/away from on screen and boom! you're done!


Rain + Snow (Edit):
Customise the speed at which rain and snow start/stop, the angle the rain comes at, the fall speed and the colour. (allows for a sandstorm effect, Kary's request).

Adds wind particles to the screen, plays the wind sound effect and blows the character in a set direction. Can set the duration, push strength and direction as well as the colour of the wind particles (supershroom's request)

Summons a lightning strike that starts and ends at any combination of item tags and coordinates. Can be set to deal a customizable amount of damage and to be a specific colour. (supershroom's request)


Subtitle Text On/Off (Edit):
Combined into a single Subtitle Function, that is automatically turned off after a customisable amount of frames. Background colour available.

Dialog Text (Edit):
A symbol that is rarely used to type with is used for a new 'page' of text. (maybe "~"?)

Effects relating to changing item properties

Set Enemy Stats:
Enemies Only. Used for less experienced players to change HP, Attack power, Speed, Intelligance (Low, Med, High), etc. Can also be done through variables, although it's much harder. something used ("-1"?, "*"?) to indicate no change.

Dissolve Effect (Edit):
Moved to "Entry/Exit Effects"

Used to effect an item so that it "dissapears" or "appears" without simply teleporting.

Dissolve Effect (Edit):
Now moved here. Option to set starting transparency and end transparency.

Item fades to a colour then slowly returns to the starting colour. Can set the flash colour, flash duration and fade duration (eg. appears, stays White for 60 frames, then fades back to green over a cource of 30 frames).

Simple really. Increases an objects size from a starting percentage to a finished percentage over a period of time (Similar to the current scale item effect).

That's all I can think of at the moment.
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Re: Moar Triggerz

Postby Karyete » Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:46 am

As for Weather, can we have something along the lines of a sandstorm?
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Re: Moar Triggerz

Postby lulzaraptor » Sat Aug 27, 2016 2:07 am

Sleep/Sleep until on ground
I have an idea how this can be implemented. I'll take a look into it

Do With
This one is probably not needed. We introduced a "timer" item, which executes a script every X ticks. We also have a "Conditional" item, which executes a script when a global equals a specific value.



Random number between
yes. We supply two forms. "urand" which generates a uniform random number and "nrand" which produces a random number with normal distribution.

(insert more maths related functions here)
We've implemented a handful of vector/matrix maths.

This is just from the top of my head. I'll fill in more when I get the chance.
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Re: Moar Triggerz

Postby Supershroom » Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:58 pm

Generally when it comes to Weather, it would be handy to have an easy Wind or Lightning function. Right now these two are pretty laborious to make.
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Re: Moar Triggerz

Postby bowser2007 » Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:51 am

Added a ton of new shop related triggers to the list and adjusted some for the lightning, wind and sandstorm effects.
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