Post-game Activities

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Post-game Activities

Postby bowser2007 » Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:02 am

Here is just a list of stuff the player might be able to do after finishing the game other than do speed runs and collect all the Large Squares. Here are my first few ideas:

-endless enemy spawner that gets increasingly difficult as time passes.
-secret super hard level/group of levels that test even the most skilled players
-mini games!
-optional bosses that reward you with sweet loot when you beat em
-secrets to find in all the levels that reveal more about the hero's past
-insane mode. Like the current hard mode, but all enemies have 10 times as much HP and the player only ever has one health at any given time! Enemies also gain one special ability to use against the player (eg. heal, dash at the player really fast, turn invisible [you can still see their outline], etc.)

Feel free to add your own suggestions :)
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Re: Post-game Activities

Postby Supershroom » Thu Oct 08, 2015 7:02 pm

Naw, instead of an insane mode with truly insane challenges, I'd love to see a sort of scoring system, just like in Sonic Heroes. Have a score and the timer on the screen within the levels, and then get a score based on field points (killing enemies etc.), time bonus and tri-coin bonus (e.g. 50 points per coin).

I'm already counting points in my head when playing levels but you can imagine how error-prone this is.
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Re: Post-game Activities

Postby lulzaraptor » Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:59 pm

The likeliness for a suggestion being implemented is based on if it is an efficient concept. What is an efficient concept? An efficient concept is a concept with relatively low development cost, improves on the game (fun), and a large percentage of the player's experience it.

Note: this is my initial rating of the suggestions. Other devs might think otherwise.

Suggestion Development Cost fun Experience
- endless enemy spawner low low high
- secret (challenges) medium high low
- optional bosses medium high medium
- secrets (lore) low low low
- insane mode low low low
- scoring system* low medium high

* We have considered adding an 'Arcade Mode' which is kind of like the scoring system Supershroom suggested. The idea was vetoed on the developer board by 2:2.
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