Update for 2022: Good news and bad news!

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Update for 2022: Good news and bad news!

Postby Runouw » Thu May 26, 2022 10:37 pm

I know. You want the bad news first.

I am sorry to announce that after a long development period, the 2 games, Last Legacy: Chapter 1 & 2 Remake and Last Legacy: Chapter 3 have been cancelled. I deeply apologize for the silence after all these years. Our last update on the topic was a very very long time ago. Our development of the game got lost in an effort to design a custom game engine, and it got out of hand.

But after that bad news, there is some good news!

A completely different game is in the works since about 2 years ago. We've switched to using Godot Engine and really like it. So much time has passed that our art design and story design have drastically changed. We wanted to start fresh with a new game. We're confident that these changes will make a truly epic game, nothing like we've ever done before!

A new Discord server for our team and game will be created soon, so look forward to that!
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