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Re: 3rd Last Legacy Level Designer Contest

Postby -BY » Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:44 pm

One is completely done
I'll do mine on weekend
One dropped out 2 days ago leaving me with a gap I'm trying to fill now
The person I PM'd however, didn't check his PM's yet.
Will wait one more day for him to respond. Otherwise I'll go for an available alternative then.

Apologizing for the current delay. I should have had an immediate Plan B available which I sadly hadn't.
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Re: 3rd Last Legacy Level Designer Contest

Postby Karyete » Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:07 pm

No rush, these things happen :3
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Re: 3rd Last Legacy Level Designer Contest

Postby Doram » Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:16 am

I'm pretty sure this is the calmest that this has ever happened, though we do have the Runolympics as a good distraction right now...
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Re: 3rd Last Legacy Level Designer Contest

Postby Supershroom » Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:52 am

and also people don't go like "I DEMAND THE RESULTS WHERE ARE THEM" anymore

though I'm really excited
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Re: 3rd Last Legacy Level Designer Contest

Postby -BY » Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:11 am

Time for the Results!

Nice to see you again. It's time to reveal the results of the 3rd Last Legacy Level Designer Contest.
And now without further ado. Let's take a look at the first three placings.

3rd Place: show
Frostbitten Fjord by Karyete

Overall Score: 38.33

2rd Place: show
<<The Mountside>> by Worldsixthocean

Overall Score: 41.00

1rd Place: show
Snowbound Dimensions by KABOOM

Overall Score: 42.42

Congratulation. (Your score looks simply beautiful)

The dramatic space invited itself this time, apparently. I'll check the cause of this later, though.
However. If you like tables, you'll certainly not mind scrolling down a little. ^^

Level's Title + AuthorOverallRaz-BYFrozenFireRunouw
Snowbound Dimensions by KABOOM42.4242.7544.540--.--
<<The Mountside>> by Worldsixthocean41.0047.0032.00--.--44.00
Frostbitten Fjord by Karyete38.3340.0037.0038.00--.--
Bandit Ascent by Doram36.1738.7533.5036.25--.--
Climb Mount Magnificient by Supershroom35.5841.0033.5032.25--.--
Ice Heights by Nwolf30.9227.2528.5037.00--.--
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Re: 3rd Last Legacy Level Designer Contest

Postby -BY » Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:15 am

For further informations regarding the level scores, you may want to read through the judgings.

Raz' Judgings: show
Frostbitten Fjord
by Karyete
Gameplay 21/25
Very simple gameplay and I enjoyed it.
Overall had pretty clear direction on where to go and what to do, aside from the part where you had to shoot the golden grock. I just jumped into the hole and killed it and didn't understand what I did wrong.
The boat was a nice mechanic.
Black water was a nice mechanic.
Nothing really out of the box or new, which isn't really a bad thing, but trying out new gameplay mechanics is always nice.

Design 14/20
There was a lacking in graphics in the level, personally. There could've been more usage of the background.
The pink cavern part of the level was pretty unpleasant to look at.
I really liked the black water waterfalls around the the start of the level.
Other than recolouration though, there really isn't much to look at.

Miscellaneous 4.5/5
+1: Cool boat.
+1: Cool trigger work, like the boat and the falling rocks.

Overall: 40/50
Unnamed Level????
by Nwolf
Gameplay 17/25
Very simple gameplay, which I liked. It seems like there could've been more variance in the gameplay rather than using moving blocks so frequently in 75% of the level.
The white grocks are too small and blend in with the ground really well making it hard to avoid them until you actually understand they're there, which was still pretty cheap.
The space part of the level where you had to collect snowflakes did not make it clear enough what to do, and I was confused at first. There could've been a hint or something to let you know. I took thme as collectibles.
There were random blocks of wood with snow on them around the level that I never really understood the point of, are they supposed to be sticks or branches?
Design: 7/20
The graphics aren't done like you said, and there is basically no graphics there.
There is very little variance in blocks and it makes it unpleasant to look at, especially in the beginning where it's all just snow.
I thought the cave part was pretty cool to look at though, despite being simple.
I liked the snowflakes as well.
Miscellaneous 3.25/5
+.50: Fitting music for the parts it was at (more graphics could've been used to convey)
-.25: Nothing really outstanding or out of the box to make the level stand out from the others.

Overall: 27.25/50
The Mountside
by Worldsixtheocean
Gameplay 22/25
I really enjoyed this level, and it definitely has a lot of replayability.
My only real complaint was the ice. I think there was too much and all the sliding (especially during the part where you have to stand on the moving ice!) is very obnoxious.
Another thing about the moving ice is the lack of time you get to actually get past it. The platforms fall too fast and the boulder that falls along with the enemies makes it hard to get past.

Design 20/20
I don't really have any complaints at all, I think the design in this level was the perfect amount except maybe the trees being in the cave.
Lots of grammar mistakes but since I know you're foreign I don't think it's fair to take any points off.

Miscellaneous: 5/5
+1: AMAZING trigger work, I honestly didn't expect this from you.
+1: Nice and simple story, kind of felt bad killing the ice monster in the end though. I wanted a happier ending.:(

Overall: 47/50
Climb Mount Magnificent
by Supershroom
Gameplay: 19/25
First thing that comes to mind is the lack of checkpoints. There was definitely not enough. I died a lot and some of the checkpoints were just spreadout way too far.
Other than that, I think there was a lot of challenge, which was a good thing.
The amount of mages were annoying and the fact that they teleport just makes it worse.
The cannons being under the platform when you had to stand on it was very unfair because there really was no way to avoid it/knock it back since they were so close

Design: 18/20
There was just the right amount of graphics, with a freezing effect where neccessary.
The instakill snow part makes no sense and probably could've been made to look like something else.

Miscellaneous: 4/5
+1: Nice and simple with a challenge.

Overall: 41/50
Snowbound Dimension
by Kaboom
Gameplay: 20/25
I really liked the feel of this level, and there was a lot to it.
I enjoyed the entire town part a lot, but once you got past that I was really annoyed by the entire thing being ice. Way too much sliding.
I thought the town part could use more checkpoints, I died in the forest part and had to redo every other thing I already did.

Design: 18/20
Past the town, there's not much to it, it's simple.
I thought all the things the townspeople had to say was awesome and all the personality was great. Each house was decorated nicely. I thought the snowball fight was really really neat, the snowman was funny.
Houses were nice looking as well, and I loved the rainbow ice everywhere.

Miscellaneous: 4.75/5
+1: Amazing trigger work.
+.5: Nice and simple story that fits the theme.
-.25: Kind of annoying (story-wise, not gameplay wise) you have to get the required items to get past.
+.5: The personalities behind everyone in the town and all the actions are great.

Overall: 42.75/50
Bandit Ascent
by Doram
Gameplay: 18/25
Gameplaywise, it felt pretty lacking. Having to backtrack and then go back up felt pointless. (storywise on the other hand)
I loved the idea of having to get your equipment one by one though.
It could've used more hearts spread around such as the part right before the boss mage.

Design: 16/20
It definitely felt lacking while inside the cave, there wasn't really much there.
Outside it was really well decorated though.

Miscellaneous: 4.75
+1.25 Nice story that was different and fit the theme well.
+.5 Original concept of getting your items back 1 by 1.

Overall: 38.75/50

-BY's Judgings: show
Frostbitten Fjord by Karyete --|11:45|--

Gameplay: 20/25
Overall good usage of a bigger variety of gameplay elements.
First things first, it's generally good if your platforming suits the level theme itself. May it be the usage of black water (Especially in later parts of the level) or simply choosing icy platforms and even a boat to cross this sinister looking liquid.
However a few parts felt a bit off, though. The golden grock for example was used once, yet it would have been nice to see more use of a puzzle element like this one.(If you start using something don't abandon it immediately after.)
A few areas like the green switch one, touchable frozen black water one and the beginning part of the boat actually confused me a little. Something simple as arrows can work wonders already. So you'd know that you can pass through the wall the boat is passing through. (I originally thought you'd need to get back, in order to jump high up to the TriCoin for the sake of catching that boat in time. Ended up with no boat, kind of forcing me to suicide there.) As for the frozen touchable black water. You told me via sign not to touch it. So I didn't (Except for one accidentally, which hurt my character). And right after that I'm supposed to touch it for the sake of getting up there. I mean it felt obvious enough to show me that I'd need it to get up there. Yet it was definitely misleading. Also might add that the enemy usage was more than fine to me. They added variety rather than becoming an annoyance for the platforming parts.

Design 13/20
Feeling a little empty, yet having some interesting parts.
The colouring was nice. Black water, especially the waterfalls in the beginning added a neat touch to the overall design.
Especially the cavern parts suffered quite a bit from lacking a proper background making use of tiles and items there.
Icicles in the cave area could have been recoloured as well. If you go full pink then don't leave the icicles out. The mages suited pretty well into this surrounding.

Miscellaneous 4/5
+1.0| Trigger work looked generally fine to me. Falling animation of objects didn't stop abrupt either.
+0.5| Music suited this level surprisingly well

Overall 37/50
General problems of bigger levels, often turns out to be the amount of detail getting lost somewhere. Nevertheless it's been a pretty good level. Probably my favourite one of yours thus far.

Last Legacy Grand Prix by Harmless --|--:--|--

Well. It did look interesting to me. But not judged due to severe unfinishedness

Ice Heights by Nwolf --|10:40|--

Gameplay: 18/25
Staying true to the original moving block concept throughout the entire level. Even using planets in the later areas of the game. The collectable snowflakes in the end could have been explained shortly. It's nice how you managed to keep a simple platforming concept fresh for the entire level.

Design 7/20
Graphical part seems to miss almost entirely, except for tile colouring and such. It did still look ok to me actually.
Cutoff at the beginning area of the cave looked not so nice, though.

Miscellaneous 3.5/5
+0.5| Respect for keeping a single platforming concept interesting by using it in countless varieties.
+0.5| Music suited pretty good.

Overall 28.5/50
It feels unfinished. Yet it was pretty fun to play.

<<The Mountside>> by Worldsixthocean --|14:30|--

Gameplay: 12/25
While the gameplay certainly was interesting and entertaining, there's one thing really holding it down throughout the entire level. Simply said. It's the majority of your tile platforms moving waaay too fast. To bring a bit physics into this. Things do normally not speed up from 0 to 100 in less than a second when falling down (refering to all giant icicles there) or raising up (light bulb switch area). It did work out with other platforms falling slower, though. The part with the moving ice block, icicles are colliding with gave you little to no chance to react. Putting a boulder and enemies onto it made everything worse actually. Throwing loads of enemies (a few were timed wrong, though) felt pretty random and left me hoping that this passage would end soon. Earthquakes for falling stuff and such can work out nice. But the frequency and especially the strength of these distracted more than adding properly to the overall ambience. Cycling platforms towards the end moved too fast as well, though. The checkpoint before said platforms had enemies attacking you immediately after respawning. That shouldn't happenOtherwise it's been pretty decent actually. Additionally it might be said that there are generally too much enemies in pretty much every section of the level. Reducing them a bit may be considered.

Design 17/20
There's little to complain about the graphical related things. Things got pretty empty in the last light bulb area towards the end. At least the background could have had a few items here and there.

Miscellaneous 3/5
+0.5| A bit of story gives you an actual reason for your journey.

Overall 32/50
This one was only really hold back by it's gameplay being too random and fast at times. The enemy placement didn't really help either. The level would just need to be a bit more player friendly and it could do pretty good actually.

Climb Mount Magnificient by Supershroom --|07:10|--

Gameplay: 15/25
Gameplay was ok. Nothing really outstanding, yet having a nice variation to keep things interesting. I'd still say that there are too many enemies (Particularly mages). Platform/Turret Section in the end is pretty tedious. Insta death ice added to the general feel of a mountain climb.

Design 16/20
Graphical stuff looks decent to me. I'm personally missing a bit more abstract things in this level actually.
Otherwise staying loyal to concepts working out in the SM63 scene. (Trees growing into all directions.)

Miscellaneous 2,5/5
+0.0|Cannot think of something that'd suit into this section actually.

Overall 33.5/50
This one was only really held back by it's gameplay being too random and fast at times. The enemy placement didn't really help either. The level would just need to be a bit more player friendly and it could do pretty good actually.

Icetone by Bryan --|--:--|--

Concept seems nice. Curious what you could have created with it if you would have had the motivation/time for it.

Snowbound Dimensions by KABOOM --|21:25|--

Gameplay: 23/25
Loved it. The town area offered both story background and a hunt for your equipment/triangles in a calm yet challenging way. After leaving the town the difficulty spike rises a good bit, what's definitely not negative for me. Since the citizen provide you with more than enough background story and funny dialogues there's definitely nothing negative to say about this either.
The battle in the forest could have been shortened a bit maybe, as it got a bit boring when fighting them with a basic scimitar. The outside area was maybe even a bit too slippery despite perfectly covering the theme. Particularly the cave area could have made use of a normal platform somewhere in between. Otherwise it's solid in every way.

Design 17/20
Town looks really nice. Much effort was spent into both outdoor and indoor design
Outer town area looked generally nice as well. not much to add there, actually.
Forest next to the town looked weird. Using more plant variation might have helped.
The darkness effect didn't really add to the atmosphere there.
I had no idea that colour shifts with ice could look this amazing.

Miscellaneous 4.5/5
+0.50|Dialogue with the citizen is somewhat well written
+0.50|Music choice suits great
+0.50|Advanced trigger usage, I'd say
+0.25|Delta usage was fairly decent, though.
+0.25|Snowball fight, Snowman, distant view at the town. Especially the latter one really got me.

Overall 44.5/50
Yesh. It's better than "It's locked". Keep up the good work.

Bandit Ascent by Doram --|10:10|--

Gameplay: 18/25
That's a pretty neat concept actually. Making use of secrets and item abilities.
Platforming itself was pretty basic. Might have been nice to see a bit more variety there.
Otherwise I'm generally liking it.

Design 12/20
Design felt pretty basic as well. Would have loved to see a few more abstract things here and there.

Miscellaneous 3.5/5
+0.50|Clever secret and item usage
+0.50|Bandit dialogues were both entertaining and helpful

Overall 33.5/50
This level is definitely going into the right direction. But it'd need a bit more courage for abstract things both gameplay and graphical wise to really blow the player away.

FrozenFire's Judgings: show
KARYETE – Frostbitten Fjord

Gameplay: 19/25
Fun gameplay, though straightforward. I really liked that nothing felt obnoxious besides the entire level consisting of a long path. Some ideas there stood out nicely, like the little boat thingy. However, the purple cave part was dark and full enough to make some areas not as obvious making the gameplay a little bit difficult there.

Design: 16/20
The design was superb. Good usage of tiles and items, plus the dreamy color palette was small but enough to make everything look great. Nothing astounding or full of detail, but still really worth of appreciation.

Miscellaneous: 3/5
Welp I guess nothing to do here

OVERALL: 38/50

NWOLF – Ice Heights

Gameplay: 23/25
The level had active and normal-paced gameplay, and managed to maintain a good level of challenge… until the Space part. I think the overuse of enemies, and the confusion caused by the placement of the planets and the gravity mechanic that makes moving to other areas hard were things that actually ruined the good flow of the level in general.
However, I can respect the gimmicks you created there. The falling snow/clouds added a good level of difficulty, and the entire switch thingy was interesting because there were switches around the level that unlocked some different areas, making it worth of exploration. It is really good to see the amount of effort you put into the Gameplay area, though I can’t say the same for the Design aspect.

Design: 12/20
Maybe I cannot really make a good judgement on Design as you already stated there you had no time to actually work on the decoration. Still, the entire design was simple, but excessively simple, and not attractive at all. Another thing I did not like was the strange, almost random placement of structure, mostly on the Space part, where it does seem you just placed random pieces of ground and just let them there.
There wasn’t anything else to consider, to be honest. Otherwise, solid work on the Design area.

Miscellaneous: 2/5
-0.5: You did not tell me I had to collect the snowflakes to cross the gates in the Space part.
-0.5: I looked at the level inside the Level Editor and apparently there is an error with the snowflake code, meaning the last gate in the Space area will not open even if I collect all the snowflakes. You should really fix that.
OVERALL: 37/50

SUPERSHROOM – Climb Mount Magnificent

Gameplay: 17/25
Platforming was good enough. I liked the amount of squares, and there were many enemies, but not too much. There is really nothing that caught my attention (except for that turret part but that’s Miscellaneous business), but overall decent work.

Design: 13/20
I think the main reason the Design was not that good is the color scheme of the items and blocks you placed. It was so full and so non-fitting at one point, your good intentions and work on design kind of drowned into a sea full of trees and pillars that had no actual function other than just fill the screen and make the platforming even more confusing. Pay a little bit more of attention to the colors you use; otherwise, things are going to get even messier.
Overall, though, great work on the design area. I really liked the structure, and the fact that you DID work on the decoration and vegetation.

Miscellaneous: 2.25/5
-0.5: You have no idea of how annoying that turret part was. I was suffering to wait the moving platform to finish its path already, and even then, you can just jump out of it early. That wasn’t a really good addition.
+0.0: “Strangely oddly colored evil ground that causes instant death” That’s spooky
-0.25: Where is the Mountain/Snow transition?

OVERALL: 32.25/50

KABOOM – Snowbound Dimension

Gameplay: 22/25
I appreciate the idea of wandering through the town collecting squares and weapons, with the purpose of preparing yourself to venture through the mountains, and reach the end portal. You could bring this idea even further, and the result could be even more awesome. It is a good thing you kept the level small enough though.
The amount of things to do was good enough, and you managed to make it a sweet but short experience. Platforming was also good and carefully planned so props for that.
Not really having something else to say here. Overall, a good work that could have been expanded even more.

Design: 15/20
I appreciate the nice but simple design, KABOOM-style. I really liked the rainbow colored sections on the level. However, could not find anything to blow my eyes up in the Design section.

Miscellaneous: 3/5

OVERALL: 40/50

DORAM – Bandit Ascent

Gameplay: 19.5/25
I would like your concept of exploring the caves and killing the bandits even more, if it wasn’t by the fact enemies respawn every time you cross a transition. It was kind of obnoxious because I had to kill them all the time I entered a room. Otherwise, really fun.

Design: 14/20
Good job on the Design aspect. You made it so it was not full of vegetation, but decorated enough to look good. I think the cave area could call for some more decoration though.

Miscellaneous: 2.75/5
-0.25: It took me a considerable amount of time to realize there was a Delta Orb hidden behind the cave ground somewhere.
OVERALL: 36.25/50

Runouw's Judging: show
The Mountside
by Worldsixthocean
Gameplay 22/25
- The cave section was fun, but the falling ice blocks were irritating because if you miss jumping over a ledge in time, you were done for.
- Ice can be a little annoying when overused
- Enemies were a bit too overused. And in one part, some enemies actually spawn and fall off the level instantly
- Segments with ground that falls away were fun
- The fast paced segments are well broken up well with the slower parts
- Lightbulb switches being used to create pathways was really fun too.

Design 18/20
- Graphics were pretty good. I can tell effort was put into the design and the buildings look pretty nice.
- I was a little saddened that I couldn't enter many of the houses
- I felt bad killing the ice monster because it seemed defenseless as I slashed away at it after defeating the knight
- Sometimes I had a little trouble telling what ground was part of the level or part of the scenery

Miscellaneous 4/5
+1 Self-building level segments (and lightbulb switches) were cool

The grammar and spelling was a little weird in some places, but I will not weigh in spelling or grammar errors as part of the level's score.

Overall: 44/50
This is a very good level in terms of level design and graphics and the flaws do not take too much away from the experience.
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Re: 3rd Last Legacy Level Designer Contest

Postby Supershroom » Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:19 am

... for your judgings?
BY-Edit: Yesh. (Had a feel that I'd need a placeholder. Looks like I really needed it in the end.)

Well, I knew it would be KAB and Ocean at the top. Congratz for "secord" and "firrd" place.

and 35.xx is not so bad for a rushed level made while being injured

EDIT: We get extra points because -BY started with Other at 2.5 instead of 3. (+0.16666... for everyone)
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Re: 3rd Last Legacy Level Designer Contest

Postby KABOOM » Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:29 pm


Good job everyone, even though there were only a few finished entries I was pretty impressed with all of them! Also, the 50-point scale is really weird for me.
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Re: 3rd Last Legacy Level Designer Contest

Postby Supershroom » Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:13 pm

If I take my average and simply break it down to a score out of 20, I would have a score of (35.75 / 2.5) = 14.3/20.

If I break everything down to the SM63-common pattern of 10/5/5, I would have a score of 13 from BY (6+4+3), a 12.3 from FF and a (6.8+3.25+2.25) and a 16.1 from Raz (7.6+4.5+4), leaving an average of 13.8/20.

So, I prefer the 50 points system especially because it weakens the Other category I usually struggle at.
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Re: 3rd Last Legacy Level Designer Contest

Postby Worldsixthocean » Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:50 pm

Thanks for your congrats shoom(EDIT:shroom) :D
I can't think of any other thing to say,sorry. (I am very afraid that if i say smth wrong ppl will hate me)
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