Rules for the Competitions forum

Discussion topics for the level designing contests. Also users can host unofficial contests here.

Rules for the Competitions forum

Postby Runouw » Mon Apr 06, 2015 8:13 pm

The following rules apply to this forum only.

  1. Only an admin or moderator can host an official competition.
    The only exception to this rule is if permission is given to a normal user to host a competition by a moderator or an admin.
  2. Users may post unofficial competitions.
    We welcome users to come up with interesting and fun competitions. But, understand that this may clog up the forums if too many contests are posted. Therefore, users and not allowed to make more than one competition thread at a time. You must wait at least a week after your last competition has ended to start a new one.

And hey, that looks like all the rules for now! More rules might come later. If you have any questions or suggestions for rules, you may post your concerns here.
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