[14H] Masamune

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[14H] Masamune

Postby Kallyn » Sun Oct 05, 2014 8:33 pm

-3000 Squares
-Jump-boosting shoes (At least jump +1)

-On level 14 (Power, Hardmode) Play through the level until you reach the end of the second screen.
-Climb up the gaps in the wall, eventually you'll see an inverted L-shaped platform. (You will need the jump+1 shoes here)
-Do some platforming, then you'll see a mysterious old man on the far-left platform.
-Talk to him, and buy the Masamune from him for 3000 squares.
-Congratulations! You now have what could be the strongest sword in the game!

Bonus: There's a big heart if you've taken damage along the way.
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