Tips megadump thread

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Tips megadump thread

Postby Luminatron » Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:50 am

Just something where I can put my tips as I go along. IDK. Bored.
You guys can help me out here too.

■ Throwing Axe is a great item to have on a purely physical build.
■ Level 10, third floor is the best place to farm G, Cursed Amulets, and Mystic Claws. Just sweep them all down, then suicide. Repeat as many times as you wish. Yes, you can totally have enough G to upgrade a particular 9,999 G item after this.
■ If you want just the G, you could just go for Level 15 Hardmode and grab the Winged Boots repeatedly.
■ Items sold to the NPC in Level 14 Hardmode can only be bought back from the same NPC's shop, not the shop in the Overworld.
■ Full Iron Armor is totes not worth it unless you have 2x Cursed Amulet. Git gud. 4 HP is where you need to be without gimping your damage.
■ Gold Rings aren't worth it either, since your MP regeneration stays the same anyway. Plus, only a few of your attacks will hit unless it's a Lightning Rod.
■ As good as having 3x Book of Winds and Winged Shoes sounds, ooh boy, I must say, good luck not overshooting your jumps or bouncing off walls you're supposed to latch on.
■ Watch out where your character is facing when you use your sword. He doesn't turn around if you point and click the other way.
■ Watch out when you get an item while being attacked with Amethyst bolts etc., since there's this delay where the bolts progress further, disallowing you to deflect them with your sword. I died many times this way in Level 14 Hardmode.
■ Delta can also be used to slow down time and extend your view range. Aside from giving yourself something to step on, you can also block shots with it. Yet again another lesson from Level 14 Hardmode.
■ If you don't have a sword, you can just kick the lightbulb instead.
■ Handcuffs are bad. Sell them. They sell good.
■ Golden Apple is as bad as Full Iron Armor and Gold Ring.
■ The ultimate glass cannon build? 3x Cursed Amulet. I bet you can mutilate anyone with a Wooden Staff using that build. I bet you'll also end up tearing your hair because you can't pass at all.
■ Ready for the kick build? 1-2x Handcuffs, 1-0x Throwing Axe, 3-0x Mystic Claw, 0-3x Cursed Amulet, Winged Boots. Remember to do a flying kick with Down + Click while mid-air.
■ Magical build is not nearly as powerful as physical build. Even a Throwing Axe will deal much more damage than your Amethyst Staff.
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Re: Tips megadump thread

Postby Supershroom » Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:36 pm

Okay you have a very exquisite way of playing and interpreting the game.

The throwing axe sucks, mostly for its very limited range compared to all staffs. It's also not really powerful. Maybe it's less expensive to upgrade 20 times than upgrading Amethyst Staff 10 times, but having an Amethyst Staff plus some highly upgraded Books of Battle / Wind already gives close to 100 damage, killing almost everything in an instant. Frozen Tome even takes less upgrades. I'm curious about how you're planning to become equivalently strong with physical builds only. There is actually no wide-ranged physical weapon except for the Amethyst Blade.

And I prefer level 14 hardmode for farming coins and items, easily because there's the most and toughest enemies here (so many dark beasts just in the last section). Granted, Level 10 is good AND quick, but doing the same battles over and over again quickly gets boring. Farming winged boots is even worse, because the way to the top is so tedious. Level 14 at least gives a bit more gameplay.

As for items that give you extra HP, of course you'll get rid of them once you become rich and powerful enough, but don't just talk from the perspective of richness. It can be good at the early stages of playing and especially you'll need it in custom levels (for the level designer), when you're always at low power by default.

A very long MP bar coming from a highly upgraded Gold ring is cool. Makes it possible especially to fire with a Frozen Tome excessively.

Too much speed can be tricky to deal with, but usually it allows you to skip many many obstacles and jumps.

Kicking items (handcuff, spiked boots) are not worth it I agree because kicking is a tedious way to attack, though there may also be some hardcore kicking fans outside.
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